Tuesday, November 7, 2023

2023 Fall Skrap Packs Update


Each Skrap Packs deck comes with a set of plot cards. These are denoted by a unique symbol in the lower-right corner. They denote which subset, or setting, they belong to. When the GM is running a game, they can draw one of these to introduce a new unique item for the players, or a threat inspired by the text in the lower-left margin.

As of right now, I'm planning on publishing Skrap Packs as a print-and-play by the end of the year. The rules are currently at 4 pgs. I plan to expand them with a diagram for cards, and an expanded section to give game masters (GMs) guidance on how to run the game. 

The plot cards for this release, which are unique items that are used to drive the plot of sessions, are all focused on the occult or horror themes. 

The plan going forward is to release expansion packs featuring more cards that represent unique and mundane items. The first set of plot cards I have planned are all science-fiction-themed items.

Stay-tuned here for future updates!

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