Sunday, February 19, 2023

KatsuCon 2023


I had a great set of demos at KatsuCon this past weekend with some awesome players! Highlights include the Alter Arms player who played a hero with a Stage Magician gimmick, allowing them to tie up opponents with escapology chains and use balloons to gather intel. There was also the Skrap Packs player who combined their metal gauntlet with a potato peeler to make a clawed glove they named “Can I Borrow a Peeling.”

Regarding testing feedback, notable findings include:

The major takeaway from this session was codifying consequences for losing health.

The game has PCs hold three items as on-hand (face up, ready for use) at a time. When they lose health from enemy attacks or traps, I want a consequence to be focused on the status of their items. I’ve decided on the following.

PCs have 20 total health.

If they lose 5 health in a single round of combat, they drop one of their items on-hand at random. It falls to the field of combat but can still be recovered on their turn for a penalty.

If they lose 10 health in a single round of combat, one of their items on-hand is destroyed at random. They lose it and it is given to the GM to put back into the deck of items that can be found in the game world.

If they lose all of their health, all of the items they have on-hand are destroyed. The character then returns to 10 health, but must now scrounge for new tools.

Sentimental items (which have personal value to the PC and special mechanics in different circumstances) can be destroyed in the previously mentioned methods. If at any time a personal item is destroyed in the above situations, then the character returns to full health and the opponent who caused the item to be destroyed falls to half of their current health.


Be sure to check back for updates on upcoming events and release info!

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