Friday, December 22, 2023

2023 Winter Skrap Packs Update pt 2

 Looks like I didn't keep my promise to have the rules ready by the end of the week. I'm sorry everyone! I'm going to try to have everything ready by the end of the year. Thank you very much for your patience in the meantime! 

To show I'm making progress, please see the first page of the rules posted below:

Skrap Packs by Duffy Austin

Materials to run the game:

17 Sentimental Item Cards: Each player character begins with one of these items, which represent an item they have sentimental attachment to. These are only used at character creation.

82 Mundane Item Cards: Items that are common in the current setting and have no intrinsic, special values outside of a few rules associated with a limited number of cards and typical properties of the items as interpreted by the players and game master.

25 Artifact Cards: Cards representing items unique to the current setting. These are used by the game master to help generate the scenarios, and often have significance to the plot.

Each set of cards is kept separate by the GM.

Character sheets (One for each player)

Writing Implements

4 fudge dice (6-sided dice with 2 sides with ‘-’ on them, 2 sides with ‘+’ on them, and 2 blank sides). In a pinch, normal 4d6 can work:

·        1-2 being the ‘-’ sides
(representing -1 to a roll)

·        3-4 being the blank sides
(representing 0 change to the roll)

·        5-6 being the ‘+’ sides
(representing +1 to the roll)

Multiple d4s, d6s, d8s, d10s, d12s and d20s

Skrap Packs is run by a Game Master (GM) who creates the world and events for the players, including environments and characters. The GM chooses a setting either by using a premise from the set of cards being used, or by creating one themselves. This initial set uses the following premise:

It’s been 10 years since your high school graduation, and you’ve been invited to the Percival Estate, a creepy decrepit mansion on an island off the coast of town by your friend Alex. They say they want to have a reunion, but something more may be in store.

This is a horror movie-inspired scenario, and from the above premise, the GM can use any item card to help generate the story by reading the inspiration text at the bottom and using that to come up with an environment, character, or crisis. It’s best to start with one of the artifact cards, which represent some lingering horror that dwells within the manor halls.

There are two kinds of cards that can be used by the GM to generate the story for the players. These same items are also acquired by the players for resolving the different problems that they represent

·        Artifact cards (artifact symbols in the lower-right corner. In the case of the first set, it is XXX or ‘Arcane Horror’) = used to generate larger scenarios or plot points.

·        Mundane cards = used to generate encounters.

Monday, December 18, 2023

2023 Winter Skrap Packs Update

 Hi Folks! I'm working to get the rules finalized by the end of the week, but wanted to post a diagram of the character sheet and cards in the meantime. I'm currently at 9 pages and working to get the rules right to make sure that GMs and players have everything they need to run their own games. 

skrap packs character sheet diagram

skrap packs card diagram

The current count of cards is:

17 Sentimental Item Cards

82 Mundane Item Cards

25 Artifact Cards

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm! 

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