Tuesday, November 7, 2023

2023 Fall Skrap Packs Update


Each Skrap Packs deck comes with a set of plot cards. These are denoted by a unique symbol in the lower-right corner. They denote which subset, or setting, they belong to. When the GM is running a game, they can draw one of these to introduce a new unique item for the players, or a threat inspired by the text in the lower-left margin.

As of right now, I'm planning on publishing Skrap Packs as a print-and-play by the end of the year. The rules are currently at 4 pgs. I plan to expand them with a diagram for cards, and an expanded section to give game masters (GMs) guidance on how to run the game. 

The plot cards for this release, which are unique items that are used to drive the plot of sessions, are all focused on the occult or horror themes. 

The plan going forward is to release expansion packs featuring more cards that represent unique and mundane items. The first set of plot cards I have planned are all science-fiction-themed items.

Stay-tuned here for future updates!

Monday, June 19, 2023

AwesomeCon 2023 Wrap-Up

 Thank you to everyone who stopped by AwesomeCon to try out Skrap Packs!

I got some good feedback regarding defensive options for combat, inspiration text on cards used to help the GM generate the story, and how to handle a character's sentimental items.

I currently have the rules written out to 4 pages (without diagrams) and want to reduce that page count further. The plan is still to publish online by the end of the year, likely as a print-and-play.

My next planned playtests are during Free RPG Day at the Game Kastle in College Park, MD

Sunday, May 21, 2023

2023 Summer Games Update

 Hi folks, quick updates on the status of games.

I was able to show off Skrap Packs at Break My Game recently and was able to figure out some aspects I wasn’t sure how to codify.

The rules are written, and now I’m trying to cut them down from 17 pages to something more manageable. I’m looking to post the game on sale online sometime before the end of the year.

For Alter Arms, I’m tweaking some special abilities still but otherwise on track. I want to get the setting stuff fleshed out more.

Regarding upcoming public games: I’m running at AwesomecCon in Washington, DC at as part of Games on Demand June 16 - 18. I hope to see you there!

Sunday, February 19, 2023

KatsuCon 2023


I had a great set of demos at KatsuCon this past weekend with some awesome players! Highlights include the Alter Arms player who played a hero with a Stage Magician gimmick, allowing them to tie up opponents with escapology chains and use balloons to gather intel. There was also the Skrap Packs player who combined their metal gauntlet with a potato peeler to make a clawed glove they named “Can I Borrow a Peeling.”

Regarding testing feedback, notable findings include:

The major takeaway from this session was codifying consequences for losing health.

The game has PCs hold three items as on-hand (face up, ready for use) at a time. When they lose health from enemy attacks or traps, I want a consequence to be focused on the status of their items. I’ve decided on the following.

PCs have 20 total health.

If they lose 5 health in a single round of combat, they drop one of their items on-hand at random. It falls to the field of combat but can still be recovered on their turn for a penalty.

If they lose 10 health in a single round of combat, one of their items on-hand is destroyed at random. They lose it and it is given to the GM to put back into the deck of items that can be found in the game world.

If they lose all of their health, all of the items they have on-hand are destroyed. The character then returns to 10 health, but must now scrounge for new tools.

Sentimental items (which have personal value to the PC and special mechanics in different circumstances) can be destroyed in the previously mentioned methods. If at any time a personal item is destroyed in the above situations, then the character returns to full health and the opponent who caused the item to be destroyed falls to half of their current health.


Be sure to check back for updates on upcoming events and release info!

Monday, January 16, 2023

2023 Games Updates and Next Live Demos

PAX Unplugged and MAGFest were both delightful experiences where I got some great feedback from folks about the status of both of my games.

For Alter Arms, I had some minor updates for special abilities, and have introduced tokens into physical play to keep track of turns.

For Skrap Packs, I’ve updated some cards and included mechanics for restricting inventory. This has encouraged players to be more considerate of the items their characters keep, use and combine.

My current upcoming goal is to work on additional theme cards for Skrap Packs—this time based on medieval fantasy adventures—and setup Skrap Packs for sale on Itch.io by the end of the year.

The current plan is to demo both games during KatsuCon 2023 on both Friday and Saturday. 

Monday, November 28, 2022

2022 Fall Update (PAX Unplugged, MAGFest)


I have two conventions coming up where I’ll be running both Alter Arms and Skrap Packs.

The first is PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Dec. 2 & 3 as part of Games on Demand.

The next will be at Super MAGFest in National Harbor, MD at the Gaylord Convention Center, Jan 5-7, 2023 as part of the MAGFest Indie Tabletop Showcase (MITS).

Some changes I am implementing for playtests the playtests include:

Skrap Packs Updates:
  • Introduced the concept of back size limits. Can upgrade packs to hold additional cards by finding cards with the Material suite. These items can be discarded in order to expand pack size.
  • Introduced the concept of Advantage (ADV) where a character’s proficiency in using the items for the task will allow them to reroll any number of the 4 dice once per move.
  • More special items have been given unique effects, such as providing ADV once per encounter, or allowing you to gain double your normal bonus.
I hope to see you at these event! If not, feel free to either reach out to me or join my discord for more frequent updates.

Sunday, June 26, 2022

Coming Up: BlerdCon 2022


I'll be in the tabletop room at BlerdCon 2022 on Saturday, July 9 from 2PM - 8PM Eastern time. Be sure to stop by for a demo at one of my favorite conventions!

Learn more here about the event here!

2023 Fall Skrap Packs Update

  Each Skrap Packs deck comes with a set of plot cards. These are denoted by a unique symbol in the lower-right corner. They denote which su...