Monday, November 28, 2022

2022 Fall Update (PAX Unplugged, MAGFest)


I have two conventions coming up where I’ll be running both Alter Arms and Skrap Packs.

The first is PAX Unplugged in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania at the Pennsylvania Convention Center, Dec. 2 & 3 as part of Games on Demand.

The next will be at Super MAGFest in National Harbor, MD at the Gaylord Convention Center, Jan 5-7, 2023 as part of the MAGFest Indie Tabletop Showcase (MITS).

Some changes I am implementing for playtests the playtests include:

Skrap Packs Updates:
  • Introduced the concept of back size limits. Can upgrade packs to hold additional cards by finding cards with the Material suite. These items can be discarded in order to expand pack size.
  • Introduced the concept of Advantage (ADV) where a character’s proficiency in using the items for the task will allow them to reroll any number of the 4 dice once per move.
  • More special items have been given unique effects, such as providing ADV once per encounter, or allowing you to gain double your normal bonus.
I hope to see you at these event! If not, feel free to either reach out to me or join my discord for more frequent updates.

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